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Dive into this informative Speed We hope everyone has been able to make the best out of their St. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we will see you soon. First look at Greg's ride! Things are coming together nicely at Hawk Jr. Six-time International Classic champion Greg Furlong has announced his return to Supermodified racing on his fan page!

The car will see Furlong at the wheel for several races with the International Supermodified Association in addition to select Midwest Supermodified Series events. West, who boasts dozens of wins as a successful Supermodified driver, owner, and car builder, is responsible for introducing Furlong to the big block class more than twenty years ago.

I drove his car in the Classic, and after that, I just had to buy the thing. Furlong Racing purchased the car inand suddenly this new driver from Oswego began to take the Supermodified world by storm. Between the West car and the Hawk car, Furlong won an unheard of four Classics in a row from to along with a grand total of 36 main events accumulated from to I have a Hawk and a West.

Working with those two guys is everything to me. Past achievements aside, ten years away from racing is a long time for anyone and a lot has changed for Furlong since the year Now 47 years old, Greg admits his itch to race remains, but it is now time with his family that is the main priority. In the decade spent outside of the cockpit, Furlong has kept very busy. A very successful business owner, work commitments have been one of several reasons Greg has elected to turn potential rides down in the last ten years.

So, why now? He says he could be at any, but likely not all of the shows. You have to set goals; and I want to go out and win races, but first and foremost, I just want to come back, race, and be as competitive as I possibly can be.

If we do that, I will be very happy. Their business, Slice n Go Deli in Fulton, NY, was destroyed in a horrific accident involving an eighteen wheeler this afternoon.

We are extremely grateful that nobody was hurt and send our best to the Heppell Family as they deal with these very difficult circumstances. This coming season, our Opener moves back to Oswego for the first time since ! The International Supermodified Association extends our condolences to the friends and family of Bill Simpson following his passing this afternoon.

One of the key innovators in Motorsports safety. Rest in peace Mr. Jump to. Sections of this page.Jerome Isma-ae combines the behind-the-curtain knowledge of a music producer, with the familiarity and deep knowledge of a dance floor you would expect from a DJ. Jerome has been surrounded by music since his early years, with musical education in elementary school, learning the piano and later the guitar. Having dabbled in many dance music subgenres, you will catch glimpses of Techno, Trance, and Progressive House in his productions.

A mean and heavy rhythm section is contrasted against haunting harmonies and counter melodies, and complimented by ambient and textural layers that add a new dimension to the final product. This formula is applied with top-notch clarity and a meticulous attention to detail to such an extent that the sound of his drums has become both recognizable and memorable.

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i love isma

Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? I need help.In a succession of swift conquests he brought all of modern Iran and portions of present-day Iraq and Turkey under his rule.

The fact that much of the population considered him a Muslim saint as well as shah facilitated the process of conversion. Selim was an opium user, and the gesture hit home. In the Ottomans, with highly trained professional troops armed with muskets and artillery, invaded northwest Iran. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Read More on This Topic. Within a decade he gained supremacy over most….

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Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Within a decade he gained supremacy over most of Iran as a ruler his followers regarded as divinely entitled to sovereignty. At the same time, the kingdoms of the last Timurid rulers in Central Asia were overthrown by the Uzbeks, who, for a while, tried to continue the….

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Jerome Isma-Ae

More About. The History Files - Kingdoms of Persia.The rule of Ismail is one of the most vital in the history of Iran. Before his accession inIran, since its conquest by the Arabs eight-and-a-half centuries before, had not existed as a unified country under native Iranian rule, but had been controlled by a series of Arab caliphsTurkic sultansand Mongol khans.

Although many Iranian dynasties rose to power amidst this whole period, it was only under the Buyids that a vast part of Iran proper came under Iranian rule The dynasty founded by Ismail I would rule for over two centuries, being one of the greatest Iranian empires and at its height being amongst the most powerful empires of its time, ruling all of present-day Iran, Azerbaijan RepublicArmeniamost of Georgiathe North CaucasusIraqKuwait and Afghanistanas well as parts of modern-day SyriaTurkeyPakistanUzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

One of his first actions, was the proclamation of the Twelver sect of Shia Islam to be the official religion of his newly-formed state, which had major consequences for the ensuing history of Iran. Furthermore, this drastic act also gave him a political benefit of separating the growing Safavid state from its strong Sunni neighbors—the Ottoman Empire to the west and the Uzbek confederation to the east.

However, it brought into the Iranian body politic the implied inevitability of consequent conflict between the shah, the design of a " secular " state, and the religious leaders, who saw all secular states as unlawful and whose absolute ambition was a theocratic state.

His father, Haydar, was the sheikh of the Safaviyya Sufi order and a direct descendant of its Kurdish [9] [10] [11] founder, Safi-ad-din Ardabili — Ismail was the last in this line of hereditary Grand Masters of the order, prior to his ascent to a ruling dynasty.

The order was later known as the Safaviyya. One genealogy claimed that Sheikh Safi the founder of the order and Ismael's ancestor was a lineal descendant of Ali. Ismail also proclaimed himself the Mahdi and a reincarnation of Ali. Inthe father of Ismail was killed in a battle at Tabasaran against the forces of the Shirvanshah Farrukh Yassar and his overlord, the Aq Qoyunlua Turkic tribal federation which controlled most of Iran.

In the Aq Qoyunlu captured Ardabilkilling Ali Mirza Safavi the eldest son of Haydarand forcing the 7-year old Ismail to go into hiding in Gilanwhere under Sultan 'Ali Mirza Karkiya he received education under the guidance of scholars. When Ismail reached the age of 12, he came out of hiding and returned to Azerbaijan historic Azerbaijan, also known as Iranian Azerbaijan along with his followers.

Ismail's rise to power was made possible by the Turkoman tribes of Anatolia and Azerbaijan, who formed the most important part of the Qizilbash movement. The Shirvanshah line nevertheless continued to rule Shirvan under Safavid suzerainty for some more years, untilwhen, during the reign of Ismail's son, Tahmasp I r.

Liquid Soul - Love in stereo (Jerome Isma-ae Remix)

The successful conquest had alarmed the ruler of the Aq QoyunluAlvandwho subsequently proceeded north from Tabriz, and crossed the Aras River in order to challenge the Safavid forces, and a pitched battle was fought at Sarur in which Ismail's army came out victorious despite being outnumbered by four to one. He appointed his former guardian and mentor Husayn Beg Shamlu as the vakil vicegerent of the empire and the commander-in-chief amir al-umara of the Qizilbash army.

He enforced this new standard by the sword, dissolving Sunni Brotherhoods and executing anyone who refused to comply to the newly implemented Shi'ism [35].

Inhe conquered Diyabakir. This was because Ismail had begun favoring the Iranians more than the Qizilbash, who, although they had played a crucial role in Ismail's campaigns, possessed too much power and were no longer considered trustworthy.

One year later, Ismail forced the rulers of KhuzestanLorestanand Kurdistan to become his vassals. Byhe had conquered the whole of Iran including Shirvansouthern Dagestan with its important city of DerbentMesopotamiaArmeniaKhorasanand Eastern Anatoliaand had made the Georgian kingdoms of Kartli and Kakheti his vassals.

Ismail I moved against the Uzbeks. In the battle near the city of Mervsome 17, Qizilbash warriors ambushed and defeated an Uzbek force numbering 28, The Uzbek ruler, Muhammad Shaybaniwas caught and killed trying to escape the battle, and the shah had his skull made into a jewelled drinking goblet. The active recruitment of support for the Safavid cause among the Turcoman tribes of Eastern Anatoliaamong tribesmen who were Ottoman subjects, had inevitably placed the neighbouring Ottoman empire and the Safavid state on a collision course.

While the Safavid forces were at Chaldiran and planning on how to confront the Ottomans, Mohammad Khan Ustajluwho served as the governor of Diyabakirand Nur-Ali Khalifaa commander who knew how the Ottomans fought, proposed that they should attack as quickly as possible. The proposal was rejected by Ismail himself, who said; "I am not a caravan-thief; whatever is decreed by God, will occur. Selim I eventually defeated Ismail at the battle of Chaldiran in Ismail was wounded and almost captured in battle.

Selim entered the Iranian capital of Tabriz in triumph on September 5, [49] but did not linger. A mutiny among his troops, fearing a counterattack and entrapment by fresh Safavid forces called in from the interior, forced the triumphant Ottomans to withdraw prematurely.

This allowed Ismail to recover. Among the booty from Tabriz was Ismail's favorite wife, for whose release the Sultan demanded huge concessions, which were refused. Despite his defeat at the Battle of Chaldiran, Ismail quickly recovered most of his kingdom, from east of the Lake Van to the Persian Gulf. However, the Ottomans managed to annex for the first time Eastern Anatolia and parts of Mesopotamiaas well as briefly northwestern Iran.

The Venetian ambassador Caterino Zeno describes the events as follows:. The monarch [Selim], seeing the slaughter, began to retreat, and to turn about, and was about to fly, when Sinan, coming to the rescue at the time of need, caused the artillery to be brought up and fired on both the janissaries [sic] and the Persians.In contrast, the Nizari —the other living branch of Ismailism, presently led by Aga Khan IV —believe the nineteenth caliph was al-Musta'li's elder brother, Nizar.

Isma'ilism is a branch of Shia Islam. The Musta'li originated in Fatimid-ruled Egyptlater moved its religious center to Yemenand gained a foothold in 11th-century Western India through missionaries.

Historically, there was a distinction between the Taiyabi and the Hafizi Musta'lis, the former recognizing at-Tayyib Abu'l-Qasim as the legitimate heir of the Imamate after al-Amir bi-Ahkami'l-Lah and the latter following al-Hafizwho was enthroned as caliph. The Hafizi view lost all support following the downfall of the Fatimid Caliphate: current-day Musta'lis are all Taiyabi.

The name Bohra is a reinterpretation of the Gujarati word vahaurau "to trade". The Bohra comprise two principal groups: a chiefly merchant class Shi'i majority and a Sunni Bohra minority who are mainly peasant farmers. After his death Mufaddal Saifuddin succeeded him.

Zoeb bin Moosa was first to be instituted to this office and the line of Taiyabi Da'is that began in has passed from one Da'i to another up to the present day. She appointed the Da'i in Yemen to run religious affairs. According to Musta'li belief, the line of Imams, descendants of Ali and hereditary successors to Muhammad in his role of legitimate leader of the community of Muslim believers, follows:. Imams one through five are well-known historical figures in the early history of Islam who are also revered by Twelvers.

The imams from Muhammad ibn Isma'il onward were occulted by the Musta'li; their names as listed by Dawoodi Bohra religious books are listed above.

Followers of the Musta'li Imams also recite the names of these imams in Dua-e Taqarrub [ clarification needed ] after salah daily.

i love isma

This tradition is reported to have come from the imams of the Ahl al-Bayt The prayer is as follows in English:. O Allah send blessings upon Muhammad and his progeny. O Allah I seek nearness to you not only with your help but also with the good wishes of Prophet Muhammad, the chosen one, Ali al Murtadha, the source of Imamah and the successor of the prophet, and lady Fatimah az-Zahra, the daughter of the prophet, and Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain, the grandsons the Prophet and the masters of the youth of paradise, and the descendants of Imam Hussain from Imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin, Muhammad al-Baqir, Ja'far al-Sadiq.

O Allah indeed I seek nearness to you by my reference to all of them since I love them and keep away from their enemies. O Allah make me steadfast in following their examples and include me in their company on the day of judgement. Bestown honour upon me and success in this world and the hereafter since I am their follower. I bear witness and sincerely believe that they will undoubtedly lead me unto you.

May your blessings be upon them all. The Musta'li consider their imam and Dais as infallible and sinless, and divinely chosen perpetuators of the true form of Islam. Their Dais are keeping the tradition which was instituted by Arwa al-Sulayhiwife of the Fatimid Da'i of Yemen, who was instructed and prepared by al-Mustansir and the subsequent Imams for the second period of Occultation. However, in the Musta'li branch, the Dai came to have a similar but more important task.

Arwa al-Sulayhi was the Hujjah from the time of Imam Mustansir. She appointed Dai in Yemen to run religious affair.

i love isma

The Dais are appointed one after other in the same philosophy of nass nomination by predecessor as done by earlier imams. It is believed that God's representative cannot die before appointing his true successor. This is being followed from the time of 3rd Imam Ali ibn Husain, the strong army of Yezid also could not think of killing him, although they did not spare even a child of six months, Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn.

On the similar belief, the Musta'li think and their Dai claim, that one day their Imam Tayyab's heir will again reappear as Imam as happened with the eleventh Imam, Abdallah al-Mahdi Billah, who appeared after period of years since the sixth Imam.Episode Solitary Island. Isma is a young fishing girl that Guts and his allies allowed to join them during their voyage to Skellig. She has short blue hair with long bangs that will cover half her face at times.

Her eyes are much rounder than that of an average person and has a few freckles on her nose. Because of the circumstances of her birth, Isma can change between human and merrow forms by saying her true name.

She is playful, easy-going, kind, and brave, with a desire to see what lies beyond her island home. She doesn't seem to be a shy person, she shows great interest in everything and everyone without showing prejudice.

She feels more comfortable with her new friends than with her new acquainted mother. Though human, Isma was born the child of a human fisherman and a female Merrow. Because of her half-breed lineage, and her father being forced to bide by the village's taboo on Merrow for sealing the Sea God that they have come to worship, Isma was sent to live in the outskirts of the village on the island.

It was only when her father was on the verge of death, getting some hints from bullying children, that Isma learned her mother was a merrow, while her father gave her a charm that wards off evil, while promising her that her mother will come for her. After the Great Roar of the Astral World weakened the seal keeping the Sea God in check, Isma's charm allowed her to be the sole survivor as everyone else on the island had been eaten by the creature and became its tentacle extensions.

When the Seahorse arrived to make repairs, Isidro and Puck meet Isma before they are forced by Schierke as she sensed Isma's Merrow lineage.

After nightfall and the initial attack by the Sea God's tentacles, Isma is allowed to come aboard the Seahorse while Guts goes after the Sea God before it finally broke free while destroying its island prison. During the chaos that ensued, hearing the voices of the Merrow at the time, Isma dives after Isidro when he fell overboard and saves him by speaking her true name. After being warned by Ivalera to not divulge her true name, Isma aids the Merrow in fighting the Sea God and is reunited with her mother in the process.

Following the demise of the Sea GodIsma reverted to her human form out of shyness of swimming with her maternal family and remains on the Seahorse as she accompanies the crew to Skellig. Template:Fantasia Characters. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Categories :. Cancel Save.It makes sense as this is the most popular class I teach. I want to help you if you are trying to pass this certification test. I also want to offer you some tips about how to how to study and prepare for the AAAI test. Feel free to leave comments at the end and I will help you if I missed anything.

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Musta'li Isma'ilism

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