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Calculations Help. It provides a reasonable comparison between yachts of similar size and type. It is based on the fact that the faster the motion the more upsetting it is to the average person. Consider, though, that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet. Numbers below 20 indicate a lightweight racing boat; 20 to 30 indicates a coastal cruiser; 30 to 40 indicates a moderate bluewater cruising boat; 40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat.

The CSF compares beam with displacement since excess beam contributes to capsize and heavy displacement reduces capsize vulnerability. The boat is better suited for ocean passages vs coastal cruising if the result of the calculation is 2. The lower the better. Under 2 - Slow, under powered. Sailboat Rigging Diagram. Toggle Navigation Menu Home. Hull Type:. Capsize Screening Formula:. Mast Height from DWL:.

Sailboat Links. Gerry Douglas. Catalina Yachts. Download Boat Record:. View All Topics. Create Topic. New Topic. Latest Topics. This site requires anonymous cookies and various third-party services to function properly.Pocket cruisers have always appealed to me.

The security of being self-reliant in the smallest package is a nice image. I remember at 14 years old "lofting," with my mother's yarn, a foot pocket cruiser on the floor of our living room. Catalina is expert at small, affordable sailing packages, and this footer is a good example of the breed's progression.

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Catalina 275 Sport boats for sale

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catalina 275 review

Liked it? Share it! Facebook Twitter. Catalina Superior, Wisconsin.

Catalina 275

Catalina Oxnard, California. Catalina Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Catalina 25 Mystic, Connecticut. Catalina 25 Chesapeake City, Maryland. Catalina 30 Middle River, Maryland. Boat Reviews. Related Boats for Sale.

catalina 275 review

Catalina Sport Request Price. Boating Guides. Boat Buyer's Guide. Boat Seller's Guide. Spring Commissioning for Your Boat. Popular Articles Related Articles 1.Fun, fast and easy to sail, this latest Catalina weekender and club racer puts the zip back into sailing.

T he day after the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, Catalina Yachts' Gerry Douglas was in his element, hoisting and trimming sails aboard the company's brand-new Sport, a club racer and daysailer-weekender that is a faster, redesigned Catalina The Sport made its debut at the Annapolis show and caught some people by surprise, with its plumb bow, generous freeboard, open transom and powder blue topsides.

It is, indeed, a fresh tack for Catalina Yachts. We slipped across the mouth of the Severn River toward Chesapeake Bay. It was designed to keep sailing simple and fun," he said. Douglas, who is a company vice president and has designed yachts for Catalina sincesaid the Sport is expected to be attractive to both new and experienced sailors.

In short, the people at Catalina Yachts are going with an apparent trend among boaters who want to keep it simple, whether they are experienced sailors or novices.

Douglas says Chesapeake Bay dealers for Catalina Yachts have expressed interest in the Sport, and much of that interest has been focused on the possibility of selling fleets of the sport boat to local or regional sailing clubs. With a waterline of 26 feet 7 inches, an 8-foot 4-inch beam, fin keel and spade rudder, the Sport should be fast and easily driven.

On our test sail in 6- to 8-knot breezes, the Sport made close to 4 knots on an easy beat. Later, as we turned back toward Annapolis and set the asymmetrical spinnaker, the blue-hulled steadily topped 6 knots with the wind just aft of the beam. Even in the light air, the power of the rig was evident. Given to knots of wind, this rascal should fly. The hull is hand-laid fiberglass and the deck is one piece with molded nonskid.

The overall fit and finish on hull No. There is a five-year structural warranty on the hull and a five-year protection program against blistering. The standard boat with fin keel draws 4 feet 8 inches. An optional wing keel is available, and its 3-foot 8-inch draft may appeal to sailors in shallow areas such as Chesapeake Bay, the New Jersey back bays or the North Carolina sounds.

Both keels are lead with stainless keelbolts. The fin keel weighs 2, pounds, while the wing keel weighs 2, pounds. The Sport weighs 5, pounds, and with an 8-foot 4-inch beam, the boat is trailerable.

Both the standard and racing models come with tiller steering. On downwind legs, the can fly an asymmetrical cruising chute tacked to a retractable bowsprit.

All lines are led to the cockpit, with the ball-bearing mainsheet system on a traveler that separates the fore and aft sections of the cockpit.

According to Catalina, the best setups for downwind sailing are either a code zero with fixed luff and roller furling, or an asymmetrical with a top-down furler and a loose luff. Douglas' hull No. The mast and boom are anodized aluminum. There is a PVC wiring conduit and messenger line in the mast and an internal outhaul in the boom. Running rigging is low-stretch Dacron. The is powered by a 2-cylinder, horsepower Yanmar diesel with sail drive.It also weighs in at a price point that designer Gerry Douglas feels will be attractive not just to younger couples, but also to more experienced sailors looking to downsize from a larger cruiser.

The is also configured for easy shorthanded work, with running rigging led aft and a self-tacking roller-furling jib. For those in search of additional performance with an eye toward mixing things up out on the racecourse, there is the option of a retractable sprit for flying an A-sail, jib tracks for sheeting in a larger percent headsail and an additional coach house winch.

Clean sight lines and elevated helm seating make driving the boat fun at any angle of sail. An optional one-burner stove and a slide-out cooler comprise the galley, while an enclosed head civilizes weekend escapes and translucent hatches admit a wealth of ambient light. In an interesting touch, the backs for the settees double as removable sea bags, making it that much easier to pack up and stow your gear before and after sailing.

All in all, this is a smart, fun, well-conceived boat that represents an exciting new departure for the Catalina brand and is well worth checking out. Hurricane Dorian hit Abaco in early September of and In his christening Olympic Gold medalist Giles Scott will serve as Several key features of the Lumitec Poco Lighting Control system stand out right away.

First, it is a 2-wire system, so the average wiring-savvy boater can install or retrofit the controls without an engineering degree. And installation is more than half the fun of boat projects, right? These refrigeration component systems also have one of the smallest footprints on the market, and the The Wave Breaker line of life rafts is Digital Boat Show. Cruisers 30FTFT. Cruisers Under 30FT. Racing Boats. Dinghies and Daysailers.

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America's Cup. Volvo Ocean Race. Apparel and Accessories. Books and DVDs. Electronics and Navigation. Engines and Systems. Maintenance and DIY. Pittman Innovation Awards. Sail, Rope and Rigging. Charter Tips.I think it will sell well.

Sort of like putting a v6 in a minivan but that is what quite a few people want. Edit: actual sail area is sq ft per the Catalina site. It will be interesting to see how sporty this is.

catalina 275 review

I think the number is accurate for main and fore triangle. Otherwise that's one big ass jib! I imagine this thing is "sporty" as in "looks sporty". The chord on that keel is very long and Catalina didn't have much luck with the I actually like the boat as I think there's a market for something that looks the part that won't scare the shit out of the wife and kids.

First test sail in Tampa Bay yesterday.

Perry Design Review: Catalina 250

I'm not sure if the permissions are set to allow public viewing of this photo, but will give it a shot. Not my picture, so I can't control it if you can't see it. The blue may make it look a little boxie. It does have high free boards which will make it a little more family friendly plus giving more room below. Looks like a big main. Some pics of the foils would be interesting have to be more like Capri foils and not Catalina's.

I do not see any winches? Blue isn't all that bad.

At least it does not have the pink sides and sails of the Bene First 30 a. I like the nice big cockpit.

Catalina 275 Sport Review: Affordable, Easy, Smart, and Fun

The Good - Enclosed head, huge cockpit, it is a Catalina so everything should work by a very early hull number. Tiller only.

The Bad - Sail Area Maybe Not a one-design with option of inboard or outboard - make a decision and stick with it. Getting rid of the fixed sprit and roller furling spin. Options- poor list of options that do not effect one design. The enclosed head will help sell boats. Women really like the enclosed head on planes and boats. The cockpit looks good but we have to wait to get better pics.

The size of that cockpit from where the helmsman sits forward is great. Sail area - A large fully battened main with the ability to reef it along with the ability to furl and reduce the size of a jib to balance the boat in heavy to light conditions - is this really that hard to do at an affordable price?

Keep it very simple. That has disappeared. Options - I see people custom ordering cushions, mattresses that in years past were found on Power yachts. They seem to want to make the boat more comfortable Great ideas out there and an options list from outside providers would be a smart idea especially if they can be ordered with the boat and be put on a loan just like we do with sails.Download it here. Menu Menu.

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2019 Catalina 275R Sailing Yacht - Walkaround - 2019 Toronto Boat Show

Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Boat Info. C New Owner heavily biased own review Thread starter Boxing Roo Start date Jul 25, Forums Catalina Owner Forums Catalina JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Boxing Roo. Jul 24, 29 Catalina 36 Sydney Harbour. Furthermore based on apparently low and now a while ago peaked sales for this boat I'm evidently perhaps also of an increasingly less prolific demographic.

Happy either on my own or with friends, on a bash out through Sydney Heads and back just for the craic. An absolute pleasure to sail. Otherwise… take off your shoes, put an open cold beer into a C cockpit drink holder, get the Dacron up and raked back in no time throw the buoy, then with tiller in one hand and main-sheet in the other… go for a sail. Cheers All. Likes: JRT. After getting to know my O'day I realize that a larger cockpit is really important, but at the same time my wife likes a real cabin so I need both.

Jun 6, Catalina Wilmette, IL. Welcome to the "unofficial" C forum and congratulations on your new boat! Four years in and I'm still happy with my purchase.

It really is a nice easy sailing daysailor and the furling spin adds to the fun. But to really enjoy it as a platform to have a beer on, you should consider the latches I added to the cooler door see "pimp". It makes even getting a beer fun! From what I can gather amongst a relatively small online C community, you're the man. Your eski drawer latches and the out-haul cam-clete are both inexpensive entirely practical solutions both of which I will have to crib at some point to niggling things that could have been designed out, or at least identified and tweaked during test phase.Launched inthe Catalina 27 has been a popular favourite, enjoying the kind of commercial success that's led to one of the longest and largest production runs of its era spanning 22 years and 6, boats.

From the outset she was designed to be affordable some have even said cheap for weekend excursions, club racing and coastal cruising - offshore work was always outside of the design scope.

Yet despite this there has been at least one circumnavigation demonstrating that this vessel, with the right preparation and skills, can be an ocean passage maker. We've included this boat here more for its popularity than its inherent seaworthiness.

Butler built an incredible number of 27s at his boat factory in Southern California using modern boatbuilding processes that are not too different to methods employed today.

Initial production started in She had a incredibly spacious interior and she was affordably priced at a time when cruising sailboats had captured the public imagination.

These factors helped the boat find immediate success, in fact in the first three years 1, boats popped off the production line - that's ten per week. Early models were only available with outboard engines, an inboard option of an Atomic 4 engine was added inwhich later expanded to other engine varieties in successive years.

The outboard engine option was later phased out in For shallow waters, a shoal draft winged-keel version was introduced in And popular among club racers, there was a version with a taller, more efficient, high aspect ratio rig which added 24 sq. Production spread also to Canada and the UK. Cooper Enterprises in British Columbia, at the time one of the largest Canadian boatbuilders, produced well over a thousand boats under license for the Canadian domestic market and are a common sight around BC waterways today.

While across the pond in the UK, the boat was built under license from as early as under the brand name Jaguar for UK and European markets. In a young 28 year old Patrick Childress set off in his shoal draft Catalina 27, Juggernauton a successful 3 year single-handed circumnavigation which included a mile, day passage of the Indian Ocean.

After an unprecedented 22 years of production resulting in 6, boats, production finally ceased in Catalina succeeded the long lasting design with an all-new water-ballasted and trailerable weekender, the Catalina The hull shape is shallow and beamy which is great for initial stiffness to the wind but reduces liveable volume below the waterline.

Butler made up for this by drawing deep topsides and a high cabin top all while keeping the design sleek to the eye. The result gives this footer class leading interior headroom and space.

Below deck can best be described as light and spacious, this boat offers so much accommodation that many are willing to forgo her flaws. The companionway and hatch is wide which poses a water ingress hazard at sea but is responsible for her spacious feel in the cabin while at anchor.

The galley with its two burner stove is located on port below the companionway while the head is located just aft of the forepeak on starboard and is comfortably sized. Opposite the head is a locker, but note, as is typical of boats this size, locker and stowage space is in short supply.

Construction was pretty light. The hull is of solid fiberglass and much thinner than typical offshore counterparts, particularly above the waterline where small impacts that would normally lead to just a scratch may result in fractures for the Catalina Early boats, as a cost cutting measure, lacked proper backing plates on deck hardware, stanchions, and rails, which lead to cracked gelcoat and in some cases fiberglass delamination.

This was remedied in later boats. She is relatively stiff and holds her canvas well in a breeze. The downside is seaworthiness.