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Woolworths Basics Boxes. New home delivery option for Pharmacies. DanD Member asked a question. Contrary to some comments on this site, I actually love Australia Post Parcel delivery. In fact I often try to nominate them instead of other couriers - and get my parcel delivered to my Parcel Collect. However, the issue comes about when i order online and the delivery goes through a courier - Next Day, Couriers Please, etc - and they are adamant that they can't deliver to a Parcel Collect, even though there is someone there to sign for it.

Apparently its because AusPost has some monopoly? Anyhoo, my question is, why are they all saying this? Sometimes we don't accept parcels depending on the courier that is used. This is purely because the courier company doesn't have it as an option and it's entirely their choice whether they'd like to use us as a delivery point.

In saying this, courier services may also not want to use it as they like to have the parcel delivered to a physical address, person to person. Courier companies are welcome to start using it as an option and they can contact us directly to discuss how to do this.

I have just had this problem too when an online purchase was undeliverable using my Parcel Collect address.

Sending tips and size and weight guidelines

After some research I have discovered that this is indeed a problem for many couriers. So inspite of Australia Post's marketing of Parcel Collect as a kind of catch all service, you really can't just "At the online checkout, just enter your Parcel Collect Post Office as your delivery address" as per their description.

How to Pack, Seal, and Label Shipments

Parcel Collect is a great idea, but now I am thinking I won't be able to use it safely for all online deliveries unfortunately. You're quite right that there is a fee for items to be delivered to a Parcel Collect location. We like to call that fee "postage" ;- Basically, for a courier to agree to deliver your parcel to a Parcel Collect address or a Post Office Box or Parcel Locker address for that matter they would have to pay postage on the parcel and hand it over to us.

As you can imagine, we would be more than happy to take their money for holding your parcel for collection, but we can't force courier companies to accept those terms, so if they choose not to accept a Parcel Collect, Parcel Locker or PO Box address, it's their responsibility to contact you or the sender to arrange an alternate delivery address.

I've had this happen to me recently, so I know just how annoying it can be but I would still urge you to use your Parcel Collect address without fear and make them do the leg work if the seller uses a courier company as you shouldn't have to do the leg work of asking the seller who they will ship with.

I ordered something from Canada to be delivered to my Parcel Collect address. It was sent with Federal Express.I have been useing Fastway for a while but more and more people want my stuff sent to PO boxes which Fastway don't.

The problem is the Aus Post cardboard boxes are expensive and there are a lot cheaper through ebay. I want to start using Aus Post to send stuff as i want to print the label and attach it to the box but I don't want to buy the Aus Post ones. Go to Solution.

This refers to the reduced rate prices. Just as long as you're within the weight limits on the label I do not use their boxes and have had no problems lodging over the counter for the past year.

In fact I must admit I did not realise you had to use their boxes blush. I have never had any problems with using my own boxes.

Can you send usps priority with your own box? And what is the cost per lb?

I always put correct dimensions and weight info into the create a label area and lodge at post office. Judging from what is waiting to be collected at the post office, hardly any parcels are ever in official boxes. I put what I can into satchels, but a lot of my items are very non standard shapes etc. So if I have assumed incorrectly, and you just want to use calculated postage which is more expensive with the ebay labels, you can use any old box.

With the new postage structure from Aust Post from 1 October, it is now very affordable to post using satchels.

For example, can you put your new box into a small satchel? There are several recent posts about the new postage, better have a bit of a read. Skip to main content. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean.Prefer a Post Office closer to home, work or another location? Send your parcels to a participating Post Office of your choice.

Worried about the size of your delivery? Collection time limits apply. This cost may be passed on to customers. You have 48 hours to collect your parcel once it has arrived at a Parcel Locker, or 10 business days to collect once it has arrived at a Parcel Collect Post Office location. Letters and standard mail that can be delivered to your letterbox, including Express Post letters, will not be accepted.

Parcel delivery via red doors is subject to size and availability restrictions. Red door boxes are available at participating Post Offices. Learn more about our tracking service. This applies to parcels in transit and addressed to a street address.

Additionally, the shipping information provided by the sender must include your registered email address, mobile number, or other details that allow us to match the parcel to your MyPost account. Changing your delivery address may result in a delay in delivery, depending on the location. Skip to content Skip to primary navigation.

Your delivery, your choice We've got delivery choices to suit just about everyone. Update delivery preferences. Update to our processes due to the impact of Coronavirus. Home isn't your only delivery address. Use a Parcel Locker Collect your parcels anytime, day-or-night, from a temporary locker near you.

Send your parcels to your PO Box Worried about the size of your delivery? Learn more about leaving parcels somewhere safe. Check on your delivery status. Track your parcel Keep up to date with your deliveries. Learn more about tracking. Redirect to a new address Change of plans?

We can redirect your parcel to a different address. Learn more about redirecting.Small businesses shipping a few packages can print and pay for postage online. Larger shippers can apply for a permit imprint and save money with commercial rates. Other convenient postage options are postage meters, precanceled stamps, and custom stamps. See two of the most convenient shipping services to get postage for your mail and packages.

With just a few clicks, you can set shipping preferences and print postage labels from your home or office. All you need to get started is a free USPS. Use our downloadable desktop software to document and pay for postage via electronic manifest files.

Manage your volume shipping with built-in tracking and reporting tools. Make sure you round the weight of your package up to the nearest pound or ounce to avoid underpayment and delaying delivery.

can i use my own box for australia post

For example, if your package weighs 3 lbs 5 oz, it would be charged at the 4 lb-rate. Calculate a Price Learn More about calculating a price. Compare Options Now.

To apply for your permit, complete and submit our online form. You'll provide your user information and other details about how your company will use Picture Permit. Register Online. After registration, follow instructions in the email you received to complete your application. A postage meter prints postage directly onto your mail or onto a meter tape.

Postage meters can be used for all mail services except Periodicals. The mailing fee is separate from the application fees and postage. Postage meters are only available from authorized providers. Vendors set service and leasing fees. If you're a large volume mailer, using a permit imprint to make postage payments, you don't have to buy postage in advance, reset your meter, or affix stamps.

Mailing boxes

Simply print postage information in the upper right corner of the mailpiece and only pay for postage when mailings are sent. This fee is separate from the permit imprint application fees and postage and fees for the mailpiece. Permit Imprint Fee Information. When designing your permit imprint, be sure to follow USPS formatting guidelines.

Indicia formats vary by mail class. Examples of Indicia Formats. Additional Permit Imprints Details. There is no application fee associated with the permit. Establish an advance deposit account to pay for the postage you owe on your precanceled stamp mailings. Precanceled Stamps Details and Examples. Pay directly from your bank account and ensure you have the necessary postage for large volume mailings. Use ACH for permit imprints and postage meter resetting. Set Up a PostalOne! Fund your postage or permit account with money transferred from your bank account.

You can save up to 80 percent compared to leasing a postage meter.Australia Post's decision to start charging people who don't pick up their parcels on time has not gone down well with its customers.

There has been outrage on Twitter at posties' lack of scruples in doing "drop and runs" with parcel delivery cards, leaving customers with no choice but to front up to a post office outlet and wait in line, often during business hours. Some have questioned the legality of Australia Post entering into a contract with the parcel receiver — who, after all, may be receiving an unannounced gift — and are comparing it to ransom.

Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour wants Australians to pay up if they're late to collect parcels. Credit: Jesse Marlow. Thankfully, there is a handful of disrupters muscling in on Australia Post's parcel delivery cash cow. Many of these start-ups piggy-back off courier companies in innovative ways. Some even offer cheaper rates than Australia Post, with door-to-door delivery in a shorter time.

They'll also work for consumers who just want to send a pair of knitted socks to their grandson without making him pay for them. We checked out what it would cost to use some of these alternative services to send a 1kg parcel, 20cm x 20cm x 20cm, from the offices of The Age in Docklands, Melbourne to The Sydney Morning Herald in Pyrmont. Sendle founder James Chin Moody says the business is in a high growth phase.

Credit: Eddie Jim. Keep in mind these are consumer prices and for central locations. Some services will offer cheaper options for bulk orders, or vary in cost-effectiveness for longer journeys.

Some won't deliver to remote areas while Australia Post will. If the recipient misses the delivery, they'll need to go to their nearest post office during business hours and collect the parcel within five days. After 30 days, the parcel will be returned to sender. It leverages partner courier companies' spare capacity to make small-order deliveries at a fraction of the price.

Sendle does not deliver to remote locations. If the receiver misses the parcel, they'll get one free re-delivery on a day that suits them, or they can opt to pick it up from a nearby collection point. Here's where it gets ambiguous, because Sendle uses multiple courier companies, including Fastway Couriers and Couriers Please. That means collection points may vary, as may each courier's rules on how long they hold a parcel before returning it to sender. WizMe claims it's "always cheaper and much quicker than Parcel Post".

If they miss the parcel, the receiver has five working days to nominate a re-delivery day or to pick it up from a nearby newsagency. There are around participating outlets nationwide. They'll have seven days to pick it up after that. And they'll be contacted by email and phone in the interim, WizMe says.

The service also offers parcel lockers called 'PopStations' — similar to Australia Post's parcel lockers — in partnership with CouriersPlease. The ubiquitous office supplies giant delivers parcels through Fastway Couriers. It's cheaper than Fastway, but you'll need to go to an Officeworks store in person to drop the package off. If undelivered, parcels are held in a locker at the recipient's closest Officeworks, except in some regional or remote areas.

They'll only be returned to sender if the recipient can't be contacted. Generous discounts apply for repeat users, or if the sender and receiver drop off or collect at a depot.

Depots are scarce compared to some other services — around nationwide — but the receiver can elect for their parcel to be re-delivered on a suitable day if they miss the postie the first time around.

There's a generous grace period of 28 days to hold a parcel free of charge at a depot before returning it to sender.

can i use my own box for australia post

However, unlike Australia Post this includes door-to-door delivery, and weekend and out-of-hours pick-up from collection points. If the recipient isn't home they'll have the option to get the parcel re-delivered on a day that suits them, or they can pick it up from the nearest collection point.

Collection points are few and far between in rural and non-central areas.

How do I use my Australia Post Visa Prepaid or Load&Go Gift Card?

Parcels are returned to sender after seven days at a depot.Want to help us get your item to its destination in tip-top shape? We've got a few pointers to help. Don't forget to check at your local Post Office for mailing boxes, bags or bubble wrap to suit your needs.

can i use my own box for australia post

If you need advice, we can help. Australia Post acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate, live and gather as employees, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Dismiss alert. Skip to content Skip to primary navigation. Search Search our site. Top packing tips. Cushioning There should be enough cushioning around the item to make sure it isn't damaged, and also to make sure it can't cause injury to our staff, or damage our equipment or other mail.

Marking it 'Fragile' or 'Handle with care' isn't enough While we don't actually offer a 'Fragile' service, we'll always try to handle items with care. But writing on your item won't protect it when it's in a mail bag or being processed through sorting equipment.

can i use my own box for australia post

Use the right packaging for your item We've got packaging products to suit many and varied needs at your local Post Office.

Check mailing boxes, bags and other packaging options for details and prices. Sending keys, pens, USBs or CDs Never put rigid or inflexible items in a regular paper envelope - even if you think they're small enough. They could easily be damaged by our machines or torn from the envelope and lost. How to pack different items Don't forget to check at your local Post Office for mailing boxes, bags or bubble wrap to suit your needs. Fragile or crushable items e.

Items that shouldn't be bent e. Otherwise you can protect the front and back of the item with thick cardboard, and then place it in reinforced packaging such as a padded bag Close with heavy-duty packing tape and address correctly. Perishable items e. Check our dangerous and prohibited goods and packaging guide PDF 1.

Wrap items in a sealed plastic bag and place suitable padding around it. Sharp-edged or pointed items e. Make sure there's plenty of extra padding around the tip and secure with heavy-duty packing tape Wrap the item in extra cushioning like bubble wrap for extra protection and to limit movement Put this in a rigid container Enclose the address and return address inside the container, just in case the packaging needs to be opened or inspected by authorities Close carefully with heavy duty packing tape, including taping all edges and seams, and address correctly.

Need help?Woolworths Basics Boxes. New home delivery option for Pharmacies. BestMXShop Member asked a question. Can I use my own boxes for sending large boxes and satchels? I went to the post office and was using a xx box which is actually smaller than the BX4 and they said I have to change the item to using my own packaging which works out much more expensive. How can it be justified that I have to use a box that is exactly the same as I can buy on eBay for a third of the price?

I also have an issue with them not allowing items that are not in a satchel. I use a padded bag that is 5 x cheaper than the Australia Post bag and re usable. The Australia Post bags are single use which is banned everywhere else. The prices seem to vary tremendously in the website and from the eBay postage prices. I am on the highest savings band too.

Australia Post does offer different pricing dependant on how the item is sent and what pricing offers are available. Some of our account customers also have contracts which can included lower postage costs based on the volume of parcels being sent which is referred to as an eParcel contract. When a normal consumer is sending items from the Post Office, they have two options.

What it sounds like you have got though, is a set up with our eBay pricing where we do offer those discounts. These discounts are only available with certain postage products which may explain why using your own packaging is much dearer than using the eBay packaging.

In regards to the padded bags that you've mentioned, you are certainly more than welcome to send items using a padded bag!

Again, if you're wanting to use these padded bags with your eBay account, you'll need to make sure that you're selecting that using your own packaging when processing the labels. So just to clarify I have been told at the post office I am not allowed to send a parcel as a 3kg satchel if the item is not in an Australian Post 3kg satchel, and I cannot send a box using the eBay large box 5kg unless I use an Australian Post bx4.

For the item I sent as a 3kg satchel in a padded bag it actually fits in a 1kg bag with the jiffi bag. The dimensions for the large box I sent are 32x24x16 which is slightly smaller than the bx4. Are these items allowed to be posted as I have packaged them or do I need to use a satchel and Australia Post box each time?